Born into a family of well-known folk musicians, Hindol was all of 5 when his father Sri Panchanan Sardar taught him initial strings of the instrument. Since then it has been a long journey of rigorous practice sessions to master the techniques of the instrument and nuances of the Tradition.  He also received training from other imminent teachers like Pandit Santosh Bannerji and Pandit Deepak Chowdhury, a senior disciple of Sitar Maestro Ravi Shankar. His exposure to music was solely Indian classical throughout his school days. However there was one record of Tchaekovsky’s Swanlake at his home which was his backdoor to another world. While being in the University he started jamming and performing together with his music friends with western music background and in this way he opened up to a whole new world of Jazz and Western Classical. He received the National Scholarship for Instrumental music from the Indian government and staged his performances in many different countries.


As one of the Indian music critics wrote in his column, "Hindol’s performance is marked by a combination of technical finesse and a deep sense of maturity.” His Indian Classical renditions are marked by intricately cross combining 

melodies in the Raga, aesthetically woven Improvisation with elaborate rhythmic sectionsand his music has a strong emotional appeal to the listener. His exposure to different genres of music has enriched him musically without loosing the purity of Indian Ragas. Indian music is highly intuitive music both melodically and rythmically keeping in mind the Aesthetics of music which he maintains to the highest degree. 


Hindol has been exploring the infinite combinations in the crossover of Indian music with various other genres like Contemporary Western Classical, Jazz, Flamenco, Nordic folk, Balkan music. In 2015 He formulated a unique project together with well-known Jazz Double Bassist Sebastian Gramss called Roots & Shoots involving 6 musicians which toured India and Germany. Hindol has also worked closely with Swedish musician duo Mattias and Nina Perez to form their project called NorthlightIn one of his latest projects, Hindol successfully collaborated with Markus Stockhausen a famous Trumpetist along with other five accomplished musicians for Eternal Voyage His music composition for a Dance Choreography in India called Crossing Oceans is being staged in all major dance festivals in the last 2 years. In 2012 he was invited for a music exchange program by the Carnegie Hall to work together with their Alumni Musicians. Apart from that Hindol has been involved in several other projects and improvised Neue music performances. 


To explore into the music of traditional Indian dance form while changing the traditional style of composing, in 2015 Hindol made his Debut Composition for a Choreography Crossing Oceans for the well known Odissi Danseuse Daksha Masruwala. The Choreography is about 3 stories from different folk cultures i.e. Greek, Japanese, Australian involving international Dancers. It has been staged in all major dance festivals in India and received rave reviews for its combination of both experimental and traditional both in music and dance.


Hindol was invited for various music residency for example by the Academy of Carnegie Hall, French Ministry of Culture and ETHNO Sweden to work with the musicians. He also had the honor and rare priviledge to be invited to perform for for the Masters of 3 different Religions Pope Francis, Dalai Lama and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.


As a dedicated teacher Hindol conducts Sitar lessons and workshops of Indian Classical music, improvisation, interpretation of Indian music in Western musical context. Among some of the Institutes he has conducted workshops in Hoschule for Muzik und Tanz in Cologne, Pop Akademie Mannheim, Rheinische Music Schule Cologne, Arvika and Karlstad University Sweden to name a few. Currently he is teaching at Pop Akademie Indian music as part of their newly formulated world music studies.