Indian Classical Solo


Indian Classical music is a form of Improvised music with a deep introspective and spiritual aspect. This music has continued to evolve over the centuries with influences as far as from Iran. It is meditative yet extatic and exilarating because of its melodic richness opening up the Mind and Heart of the listener. One of the most complex and evolved melodic and rhythmic  traditions of the world yet paletted in a simple way immediately appealing to the audience.  The listener is seduced to go into a journey within.


 Since this music is completely improvised and spontaneous, a complete performance is influenced by Time, Weather, Season and Mood of the artist. 


Hindol Deb - Sitar

Arup Sen Gupta - Tabla


Crossover          Jazz  

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Three Indian and three German musicians came together in the latest project of the Cologne based composer and ECHO Award winning double bass player Sebastian Gramss and the sitar virtuoso Hindol Deb from Delhi.

The two developed this artistically advanced German-Indian musical language. While avoiding the usual World music and Fusion clichés, they managed to expand the borders of both Indian classical music and the world of jazz and improvised music.

After an extensive research of each other’s musical background (ROOTS), the double trio presents the fruits ( SHOOTS) of an intense two years collaboration in Mumbai and Cologne on a concert tour in India (November) and Germany (December).

Hindol Deb – sitar, composition
Paras Nath – flute
Amit Mishra – tabla
Sebastian Gramss – double bass,, composition
Erwin Ditzner – drums / percussion
Matthias Muche – trombone

Roots & Shoots

Eternal Voyage

Seven friends from different nations, cultures and musical backgrounds, find a common path through playing music that transcends boundaries and is unlike anything that has been heard before.


Composed by one of the very well known Trumpetist Marcus Stockhausen it is a new, energetic and harmonious One World Music which has come into being. Between stillness and ecstasy this music swings on its Eternal Voyage.


Markus Stockhausen - Trumpet/Composition

Rabi Lahoud - Voice

Alireza Murtazavi - Iranian Santur

Hindol Deb - Sitar

Tara Baumen - Clarinet/Bass Clarinet

Jarry Singla - Piano

Cross-over          Folk

Northlight Music

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When the Swedish musician duo Nina and Matthias Perez met the two Indian musicians Hindol Deb and Suchet Malhotra it was an instant exchange of musical ideas. Northlight was born out of a spontaeneous jamming and a wish to take it further and give it a structure.


Combining the Indian Classical and Swedish Folk, both the traditions have a strong melodic appeal sometimes slow and gentle and other times fast paced percussive patterns with groovy bass lines and changing harmoniey. Beautiful tunes, evocative Ragas, unheard rhythmic patterns of Polska and wildly energetic pieces that blend the two.


Mattias Perez - Guitar

Nina Perez - Violin

Suchet malhotra - Percussion

Hindol Deb - Sitar

Cross-over      Medieval/ Traditional Music

Midieval Raga

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Bringing together two different traditions and instruments from East and West - Sitar and Cello, Medival Raga is a quest to stay connected with the Roots while exploring newer ways together.


Being true to its name, the project is inspired by Medieval, Early music and Indian Classical Raga music. Though most of their compositions are Original, the repertoir

also includes some traditional pieces from both the Cultures to add to the Colour and Variety.


Nathan Bontrager - Cello/ Viola da Gamba

Hindol Deb - Sitar

Arup Sen Gupta - Tabla