Workshop on Improvisation & Indian Music


The aim is to acquaint the participants with the Indian ways of improvisation and give an aesthetical insight of the mood/emotion attached with the different Ragas (Modes) while using different Rhythmic Patterns practiced in Indian music. 

A Raga is a pattern of notes played with characteristic intervals, rhythms and embellishments used to define a certain framework in the Ascent and Descent of the Octave, with special emphasis on certain notes or phrases to define a particular emotion/mood. Many different Ragas can originate from one Scale/Mode. There are more than 500 different Ragas, each having a particular emotion different from the other.

Indian rhythm pattern is very complex and well developed and is being used in different Genres of music today. Each beat can be subdivided into many micro beats and used in improvisation of the Ragas. There are ways of superimposing the  beats 5 over 7 or 7 over 4 and so on. There are various rhythm cycles like 7,8,9,10,11. One should be able to freely improvise over any rythmic cycle to be free of one’s own limitations.


Workshops are conducted both in individual and group sessions